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  • SydneyisWright

    Hey guys!!
    As you know, I went to @ShawnMendes’ concert down in Portland, Oregon, and I made a video about it! The…

    (about 1 hour ago)

  • KayKayswizzle

    Am I going to Portland Oregon solely to see a Judas Priest concert? Yes. Am I doing this just for kicks? Also yes.

    (about 2 hours ago)

  • xbonnet

    Oregon, jour 7-day 7. Portland, Mississippi Studios and Bar. Katie Toupin, Magnetic Moves. Même quand il n’est pas…

    (about 6 hours ago)

  • PDXSly

    More pics from the @theroots concert last night. So so good! ❤️🎶🎵 @blackthought @tubagoodingjr @questlove…

    (about 9 hours ago)

  • DarianMadisonP

    @trophyeyesmusic please come to Eugene, Oregon 😩 you guys were the first EVER band I saw live at Slam Dunk ( my fir…

    (about 13 hours ago)