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Events in the Kansas Area

  • Goldwing98

    RT @UNKearney: UNK Honor Band, Choral Clinic features more than 700 students from 96 high schools. The concert is Monday, Jan. 28, and feat…

    (about 22 minutes ago)

  • Gaaaaabbbss

    All I know is if I don’t pop out how I think I’m popping out on the 9th then I’m shutting KANSAS CITY DOOOOWWWNNNN…

    (about 32 minutes ago)

  • TheHighFIveHero

    RT @JI11D0: @kelly_clarkson @enews Your biggest fan!! Your music has gotten her through so many hard times in her life so far!! It would me…

    (about 35 minutes ago)

  • daisyyyloveee13

    My bf is willing to go to the @JessieJDecker concert with me in Kansas since she sold out in Denver😩💕

    (about 39 minutes ago)

  • JefferySnell3

    @Miss2292954557 @Pink Tickets for Hairball Concert
    Saturday February 16, 2019 730PM
    Hartman Arena – Park City, Kan…

    (about 2 hours ago)