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  • xhy1tseyh2jk7

    everyone giggling in circle over the empty concert venues like why are we whispering??? they certainly wouldn’t be…

    (about 29 minutes ago)

  • hisbanterness

    @fmcbill MCC sold Ed Sheeran and crushed all the old stuff and then swapped all the turf…there’s no way it was go…

    (about 41 minutes ago)

  • bgblueeyes

    @LotsaSisu @theliamnissan Why no chairs? That’s torturous for the majority of people. Reminds me of some concert venues I go to.

    (about 1 hour ago)

  • athletekim

    Concert #7: Grayscale

    Please don’t mind me giving it my all when they play Just Right and If I Ever See You Again…

    (about 1 hour ago)

  • jnthebuilding

    who picked cravitys concert venues bc wtf 😭 ik starship had the budget for better

    (about 2 hours ago)

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