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  • awosmith

    a mean cmon we have Glasgow, best concert venues as well, England could never x

    (about 21 minutes ago)

  • FashionFunPJ

    @TheBluntDagger @KaitMarieox Night Clubs, Concert Venues, Churches, Pancake Houses

    (about 1 hour ago)

  • loushinestyles

    RT @NoControlProjec: Getting to be so close to 1D in a small venue is so beautiful & intimate, but the energy of a 1D concert in a stadium…

    (about 2 hours ago)

  • twntyoneash

    I just went through my 2014 twenty one pilots concert photos and now I’m emo. I’ll never again see them in such small venues

    (about 2 hours ago)

  • kirakjung

    RT @changdoll: I’m not sure about other venues but I’m happy to see 10 pics of Hokkaido with them. Yunho said THSK’s first concert was held…

    (about 2 hours ago)

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