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  • janetmorales04

    So I’ve looked into venues, flights, exact lodging in relevance to the stadium location and what nail art imma get,…

    (about 1 minutes ago)

  • SB19RTA

    RT @SB19Official: Before the day ends, may good news po kami sa inyo! Yes, we are announcing new confirmed concert dates & venues! 🙌🏼


    (about 4 minutes ago)

  • AudreyBTSATEEZ

    @_mymusictaste Restock! Or sell them at the concert venues sounds amazing to me!

    (about 31 minutes ago)

  • nelisaso

    @_mymusictaste Can you guarantee that the lightsticks will arrive before the Europe tour begins? Also, will it be s…

    (about 39 minutes ago)

  • SuzyQHarleyQ

    RT @simplyselicia: Kpop Concert Guide 2020 covering:

    🔸The view from seats I’ve had at different venues
    🔸Ticketmaster Tutorial
    🔸Tips for g…

    (about 53 minutes ago)

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