Rocky the Musical Tickets

Rocky The Musical TicketsEveryone loves to see an underdog win, and that’s exactly what made the 1976 film Rocky a huge hit. “Rocky – The Musical!” has a simple plot highlighting an unknown Southside Philadelphia boxer, Rocky Balboa. He is selected to fight the world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed as a publicity stunt. It doesn’t matter that Rocky will lose as his odds are null. However, he takes the chance to become the best boxer he ever could become begins serious training. Of course, no story of determination would leave out a love interest.


Sylvester Stallone wrote the original movie and co-wrote the script for “Rocky – The Musical!” with incorporating the song “Eye of the Tiger” into production along with original music composed by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty. The show is a knockout and tickets are on sale now at


Rocky – The Musical Tickets
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Events: Rocky – The Musical
Event Venue Date/Time  
The Last Five Years Booker T Theatre
Rocky Mount, NC
7:30 PM
The Last Five Years Booker T Theatre
Rocky Mount, NC
7:30 PM
The Last Five Years Booker T Theatre
Rocky Mount, NC
7:30 PM
The Last Five Years Booker T Theatre
Rocky Mount, NC
2:00 PM
  • GregorioUmbria

    RT @SoundtrackHSW: In our interview with Vince DiCola, we learn about how he became the composer for Rocky IV. We explore his musical backg…

    (about 2 hours ago)

  • LibrosDarth

    @lou_34 Un musical raruno y auténtico: Rocky Horror Picture Show. Por ejemplo. Junto a…Susan Sarandon!

    (about 9 hours ago)

  • WatchMeRawr

    Just found out the work I’ve been offered is for a horror-musical (not the rocky kind)
    And I am so bad with horror…

    (about 13 hours ago)

  • charlievazquez

    I couldn’t resist: #musicals

    MUSICAL I HATE: Almost all of them.
    MUSICAL I THINK IS OVERRATED: Almost all of them…

    (about 16 hours ago)

  • rocky_izz

    RT @taejin_cypher: omg taehyung registered at kcma as a musical producer. taehyung pd-nim😭😭so proud👏👏

    he has 7 songs registered under his…

    (about 18 hours ago)



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