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Pippin certainly has ‘magic to do’ with its age-old-story of trying to find out the meaning of life. This revival musical takes place in Charlemagne’s court with his son Pippin attempting to find his place in the world. Is he a great warrior, a natural leader or a loafer? Setting him on his course is the narrator who may or may not be his best advisor.


Ciara Renee, Terrance Mann, Annie Potts join an exceptional cast of singers and dancers who prove to be accomplished acrobats too. Winner of 2013’s Best Revival Tony Award, ‘everything has its season,’ and Pippin’s appears to be endless. Playing on Broadway at the
Music Box Theatre, as well as National Touring Companies in selected cities, secure your choice of tickets at My Box Office Tickets today!


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  • BScaldeferri

    RT @FiveToolTexas: [email protected]’s Seth Graham-Pippin (@sethgrahamm) has been efficient on the rubber thus far. The RHP has allowed only on…

    (about 2 minutes ago)

  • ClownyCakes

    did some doodles in Aggie with @Miincemeat yesterday!! featuring my ocs Pippin (the baby), Angie (peace signs), and… https://t.co/qSO0ksSP12

    (about 2 minutes ago)

  • Pippin_JRRT

    Ya a casita después de 3 días de viaje con mis amigas y en el mundo de Dalí 🎨🖼🖌 https://t.co/CZIgvJ69cA

    (about 4 minutes ago)

  • ghostxcries

    @velvetly__ @DimmaDemitri @RockSolio @reddev178 @canairiee Bro merry was hard af?? Pippin had doubts a lot but merry never wavered

    (about 4 minutes ago)

  • ravenlord_xix

    RT @s1ck1y: Pippin: does anything https://t.co/BN882KtnS7

    (about 5 minutes ago)



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