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Idina Menzel stars as the protagonist, Elisabeth in a new Broadway musical titled “If / Then” now on stage at the Richard Rodgers Theater. Ms. Menzel portrays a newly divorcee who at age 40-year old returns to her roots in New York City. She is seeking that clean slate toward new beginnings or erases the past in her life. It is the parallel of comparisons. ‘What if,’ or ‘if only then’ makes Elizabeth is at odds with herself. Believing that Manhattan is the pinnacle of having-it-all whether, in romance or career, this certainly was the road she should have taken. Besides self-reflections, the musical turns towards a subplot of ‘here and now’ with Elisabeth’s encounters with new-found and old friends.


Are the doubts of the past removed? Only you will find out the answer of composes Tom Kitt and lyricist’s Brian Yorkey’s musical “If / Then” by securing tickets from My Box Office Tickets.


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