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Woody Allen is no stranger having plays on Broadway. Right from the stage, he rewrites them for the silver screen. This time around, the opposite has happened, and Bullets Over Broadway, the tale of an aspiring young playwright is forced to cast a gangster’s talentless girlfriend is now a musical.


Director and choreographer Susan Stroman has created her magic once again by turning a flick into a hit just as she had done for Mel Brooks with The Producers.


Bullets Over Broadway combines mobsters with show business and uses classic songs from the period of the 1920s. Catch what many are saying is a strong contender for the 2014 Tony Award by attaining tickets from My Box Office Tickets.


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  • Jedicatedmollyx

    RT @DearEvanHansen: Returning to London’s West End on October 26th, to our North American Tour beginning December 7th, and to Broadway on D…

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  • BrigidKemmerer

    @ginad129 The last time I went to NYC to see a show on Broadway, I saw everything from jeans and t-shirts to full on glam.

    (about 22 seconds ago)

  • ZintelM

    RT @RICHARDLNEWBY: Can’t imagine watching Bo Burnham’s Inside and then picking a recording of a 3 year old Broadway performance for excelle…

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  • ERLathrop

    RT @aguirreryan: In case you weren’t exhausted enough, a reminder that in one week we get “The Tony Awards Present: Broadway is Back” on CB…

    (about 42 seconds ago)

  • prolibvet

    RT @Tentoads4truth: @nice_dude2 @am4huckleberry Tony Ressler-sister, Broadway producer Debra Ressler, is married to Apollo co-founder Leon…

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