One Direction North American Tour Dates

One Direction, the British-Irish boy band sensation took the music world by storm with their hit single “What Makes You Beautiful”. One Direction was discovered on the show X-Factor where they go their brake and the band is now selling out arenas and concert venues worldwide!


With their catchy songs and energized performances, One Direction is entertaining fans by the masses on a huge worldwide tour. Don’t miss out! Order your One Direction concert tickets today.



One Direction Worldwide Tour Dates

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  • fificoll03

    – De quién sos fan?
    + De One Direction

    *que no lo diga*
    *que no lo diga*
    *que no lo diga*
    *que no lo diga*

    – Ah…

    (about 15 seconds ago)

  • alterphandomm

    RT @Satellite_LJP: Excuse me but there will NEVER be a boy band that will ever compare to One Direction. Even Queen themselves said so.…

    (about 16 seconds ago)

  • liamangelxx

    RT @chartspayno: One Direction members with the most liked on Instagram:

    #1. @LiamPayne — 133.1M
    #2. @Harry_Styles — 115.3M
    #3. @NiallOf…

    (about 18 seconds ago)

  • backtlouiswt

    RT @purposelouist: imagina ter video e foto do ot4 juntos depos de três anos

    one direction me dê esse presente de natal


    (about 21 seconds ago)

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