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Five-time Grammy winner Kid Rock has entertained fans since the late 1990’s. The singer/songwriter and musician from Michigan is known for a versatile music style that blends his rock, country, rap, and blues influences. He recently released his latest album, aptly titled Rebel Soul, to rave reviews and is now on tour to promote it. Kid Rock has invited Buckcherry and Hellbound Glory to join him for this full-scale, arena tour! You can bet this will be a show to remember.


Kid Rock Tickets
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Venues: Kid Rock's Made In Detroit (Detroit, MI)
Events: Cowboy – Kid Rock Tribute
Kid Kentucky and The American Bad A$$ Band – Kid Rock Tribute
Kid Rock
Kid Rock Fish Fry
Kid Rock Fish Fry Pre-Party
Kid Rock Tribute
Kid Rock's Made in Detroit & Nash FM 93.1 New Year's Eve
Kid's Rock
Rebel Soul – Kid Rock Tribute
Rock Kills Kid
Event Venue Date/Time  
Kid Kentucky and The American Bad A$$ Band – Kid Rock Tribute Mercury Ballroom
Louisville, KY
9:00 PM
Lotus Kid, Nowhere Fast & Stage Moms Club Cafe
Pittsburgh, PA
8:00 PM
Cisco Kid, Biirdwatcher & Timbeleza Club Cafe
Pittsburgh, PA
8:00 PM
Cowboy – Tribute to Kid Rock Daytona Beach Oceanfront Bandshell
Daytona Beach, FL
7:15 PM

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  • SquidDad

    @jwsewall We’re going to Kid Rock’s honky tonk

    (about 1 minutes ago)

  • sir_gee_ohhhhh

    @mkhjr I’m a west coast kid and I personally rock with Big more than PAC, & same for 4, I love MJ but fck with CB heavier 💯

    (about 1 minutes ago)

  • TimWhoDraws

    “IS THIS KID ROCK?!” -@lexhodg

    (about 2 minutes ago)

  • Lawgirl4009

    RT @EastTNAir: This kid will one day lead a college program to greatness. Works hard. has all the intangibles. Can handle the rock and…

    (about 2 minutes ago)

  • dlm_bmlawkc

    @rock_climber02 Of course any amount is too much ifnthe kid doesn’t have a plan for employment post-graduation.

    (about 2 minutes ago)

Kid Rock Tickets

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