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Garth Brooks is one of the all time best-selling artists of the world, having sold nearly 70 million albums – even more than The Beatles! This fall, Garth Brooks returns to the road for a much anticipated comeback tour kicking off in the Midwest in Chicago IL. Don’t miss this country legend superstar get back to his roots and perform his Hits live! Call (855) 305-4862 for ticket information today.


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  • shaddaypolony


    #1 Drake – 27
    #2 Taylor Swift – 23
    #3 Justin Bieber – 20
    #4 Garth Brooks – 19
    #5 Adele/Ush…

    (about 2 minutes ago)

  • dawnmariegailo2

    RT @jemilyroses: there’s only ONE (1) country song i like which is friends in low places by garth brooks and ITS NOT EVEN ON SPOTIFY WHAT

    (about 3 minutes ago)

  • JohnMat45466821

    @realCAEHaughton Google it, it’s a country song but quite good I forget the artist… along the Garth Brooks style but not him

    (about 14 minutes ago)


    4:18am: Garth Brooks—The Dance—Garth Brooks

    (about 14 minutes ago)

  • thehouseofjojo

    RT @KJ97SanAntonio: Garth Brooks Is Bringing His ‘Dive Bar Tour’ To Texas

    (about 17 minutes ago)

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