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One Rock and Roll’s greatest bands are on tour again. Sonic Highway is the latest album from the Foo Fighters and they are selling out select small clubs and large stadiums all over the US in support of their new album and are not pulling any punches.


Don’t miss your Chance to see Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters perform in what is sure to be a memorable tour as they play the Friendly confines of Wrigley field and their 20th Anniversary Show at RFK Stadium, among other special performances.


Order your tickets online today or call (855) 305-4862 for tickets.


Foo Fighters Tickets
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Events:Best of Foo – Foo Fighters Tribute
Blink 182, Foo Fighters & Offspring Tribute Show
Dave's Not Here – Foo Fighters Tribute
Deja Foo – Foo Fighters Tribute
Foo Fighters
Foo Manchoo Fighters
Fooey – Foo Fighters Tribute
Fresh Fighters – Tribute to Foo Fighters
Hey, Johnny Park – Foo Fighters Tribute
Joe Hero – Foo Fighters Tribute
Marigold – Foo Fighters Tribute
The Colour and The Shape – A Tribute to The Foo Fighters
The Faux Fighters: A Tribute To The Foo Fighters
The Mixtapes – Nirvana and Foo Fighters Tributes
Tribute Night – Nin, Korn, Foo Fighters & KSE Tributes
Tributes to NIN, Mr Bungle/ Faith No More, Foo Fighters & Muse
Weezer vs. Foo Fighters Tribute Show
Joe Hero – Foo Fighters TributeThe Blind Tiger
Greensboro, NC
8:00 PM
Fresh Fighters – Tribute to Foo FightersWooly's
Des Moines, IA
7:00 PM

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    @julianahatfield Also, there are a couple really good shows on YouTube of them. I should say, the video is awful, b…

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    RT @mrtimchan: Family ties: Dave Grohl’s 13-year-old daughter Violet joins surviving members of #Nirvana to sing “Heart-Shaped Box” at @The…

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    RT @p0is0nsg0ne: who’s the hottest man alive and why is it dave grohl

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    Bicho, o Dave Grohl definitivamente é um cara que tenho muita vontade de trocar uma idéia alguma dia… Que seja 5…

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    @JodeanTownsend @KimKardashian Extra points for using a Dave Grohl meme!

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