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After Beyonce’s lights out headlining performance at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Super Bowl halftime show, Destiny’s brightest child kicks off her US tour beginning in June on the west coast at the Staple Center and will be working her way across the country to finish her tour in Brooklyn, at Jay Z’s Barclays Center.


With over 20 stops in between, both longtime and new fans alike will not want to miss The Mrs. Carter Show 20123 world tour as you can sure that it will be a hot! Order your Beyonce tickets online today.


Beyonce Tickets
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Events: Babes Who Love Beyonce
Bey Ball- A Semi-Formal Evening Dedicated to Beyonce
BeyDay – Beyonce Tribute
Beyonce Baby Shower – Beyonce Tribute Show
Beyonce vs. Janet Jackson Dance Party
Beyonce vs. Rihanna
Beyonce's Original All-Female Band
Drake vs. Meek Mill & Beyonce vs. Rhianna – Tribute
Drunk In Love: Beyonce vs. Drake Tribute Night
Holy Trinity: Beyonce, Rihanna & Nicki Minaj Dance Party – Tribute
On the Run II: Beyonce & Jay-Z
On the Run Tour: Jay-Z & Beyonce
The Carter Collection: A Night of Celebrating Beyonce & Jay-Z
The Music of Beyonce
Event Venue Date/Time  
Beyonce vs. Rihanna Tribute Dance Party Ottobar
Baltimore, MD
9:00 PM
BeyDay – Beyonce Tribute Port City Music Hall
Portland, ME
8:00 PM

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  • Wolf_Thorn_bc

    RT @qu_sch: vous vous rendez compte qu’on est bientôt en l’an 10 après telephone de lady gaga et beyonce ?

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    What Beyoncé said 😍

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    RT @daviidcln: il t’a juste dit “salut” et tu prend des grands airs de Beyonce, wsh calme toi, bois un capri-sun

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  • kyanafenty

    RT @beycarters: bhad bhabie is on ig saying Beyoncé don’t write her songs

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  • sangyvimpy

    RT @BRADM___: L’époque où Gaga, Katy, Beyoncé et Rihanna sortaient des albums en même temps… birthed a whole new generation of gays.

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